Wicked Women’s Guide to Provocative Female Artists Volume I

Wicked Women put together a zine for Zinefest 2018 featuring female artists Diane Arbus, Marina Abramovic, Elizabeth Catlett, Anita Berber, Yolanda Lopez and Kara Walker. Hopefully, more volumes to come! Also, check out this article on a new database for female artists from the 15th-19th centuries: Space of Their Own


Grand Avenue Festival

Our installation “Tidal Remix” at Third Space and table at Unexpected Gallery. It was a great collaboration experience and a blast hanging out with everyone. Also, the final installation of our piece is shown; it really improves the creepy alley vibe.


Grand Avenue Festival

Novemeber 11, 2017 11am-10pm

We will be doing an installation on about a 4 ft X 5 ft fence panel! They ask for installation pieces with an emphasis on using recycled materials and trash. We want to use old tapes, cds and vinyl to create a wave. There is also an recycled fashion show and hat parade with the theme “Undersea Madness.” The possibility of renting a small table for selling goods is available. The rental fees vary from $15-$50. Let me know if you are interested!


Welcome to the guild

For our next coven meeting…

  • Time: September 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm
  • Location: Starshine Academy
  • Items to be discussed/other nefarious doings:
    • Mission/Vision statement? Anti-social statement?
    • Suggestions on logo or webpage pics/text.
    • Meetings: possibly 4 times around solstice/equinox?; other times as needed?
    • Profile posts on our new webpage! If you want to put info about yourself, any art, contact (I can make it anonymous) info, etc…let me know. I will give everyone access to site who wants it.
    • Do we want to do a show/event? Who is good at what in terms of organization/execution of a show?
    • Demo of en-caustic!
    • Show fractured or mended pieces
    • Snacks


October 14th Coven Meeting


Mary sharing her extensive bookbinding knowledge

We will be meeting at the Phoenix Center for the Arts October 14th, December 16th and March 10th from 2-4 pm! We will be in either room 201 or 302 but you can ask for room assignment at the front desk.

Mary will be doing a bookbinding demo so bring in some supplies if you have them.

Here is our mural wall. The small structure on the right side and the sidewalk are going to be removed. This is located near 7th St and Palm Lane.  Start dreaming ladies!